Inclusive Education

There were many services available for students with special needs in Bangladesh. At Brahmanbaria High School, there are 10 student who are visually impaired. These students receive special instruction in reading and writing in braille. they are provided with books in braille and all of the supplies they need to write using braille. Most of these students also take music and computer classes at Inner Eyes Music Institute for the Blind.

There is also a school in Brahmanbaria for students who are hearing impaired. Students from all over the region attend this school. There is a strong focus on art in this school. Many students have won prizes for artwork they submitted to competitions in Europe. The students gave me two pictures as a souvenir to remember my visit to the school.

There is also a school in Brahmanbaria for students with disabilities. The teachers have received special training in using strategies to meet the needs of their students. While I attended the school, the teachers were using plastic fruit to teach students how to read and write about fruit. Music is also a focus at this school.


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